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A quick method to deal with fire

- Jun 07, 2017 -

Furniture, bedding and other fire: general use of water to extinguish. With the water around the goods such as washbasin and so on to the flames of splashing water, you can also connect the hose to the sprinkler fire, while the burning point near the combustible material wet cooling. But oil, electrical appliances fire cannot fire with water.

Home appliances or line fire: to cut off the power, and then use dry powder or gas fire extinguishers, not directly splashing fire, in case of electric shock or electrical explosion hurt people.

Television on fire: Never water poured, can be cut off after the power, with a quilt to cover it out. When extinguishing, only from the side near the TV, in case the picture tube explosion wounding. If a fire extinguisher is used, it should not be fired directly into the TV screen to prevent it from suddenly exploding after being heated.

Oil pan fire: should quickly close the stove gas valve, directly cover the lid or cover with a damp cloth, but also into the pot to put a good cut vegetable cooling fire.

Gas tank fire: to cover the fire with wet bedding, clothing and so on, and quickly close the valve.

Fireworks and firecrackers ignition clothing: In the watch fireworks, firecrackers or fire when the Martian flew to the body, ignited clothes, at this time, must not run. The correct approach is to take off the burning clothes, immerse them in the water or trample them out with your feet. If it is too late to take off clothes, can roll in place, so that the fire is extinguished, the fire occurred to call 119.

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