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How to escape when the teaching building is on fire

- Jun 07, 2017 -

Modern teaching building as the floor gradually increased, the structure more and more complex, students density, plus desks, chairs and other combustible materials, when the fire, escape more difficult. Once the building is on fire, the following methods should be used to escape:

1, when found in the building fire, should not panic, run, to calmly explore the fire azimuth, determine the direction of the wind, and before the fire spread, the direction of the wind quickly left the fire area.

2, when the fire, if the corridor was sealed by fireworks, should immediately close the door and indoor ventilation hole to prevent the smoke. Then use a wet towel to block the mouth and nose, to prevent inhalation of hot smoke and poisonous gas, and the upward clothes wet, so as not to backfire. If there is no fire in the corridor, a larger transparent plastic bag can be trapped in the head, preventing the smoke from stimulating the eyes and inhaling the respiratory tract, and using a bowed low posture to escape from the fireworks area.

3, do not jump from the window. If the floor is not high, can be under the protection and organization of the teacher, with rope from the window to the safe area.

4. When there is a fire, the elevator can not be taken, because the elevator can be broken or damaged at any time, the stairs should be evacuated along the fire safety and the floor should be run; If the fire staircase is blocked, return to the roof terrace immediately and call for help. You can also break the window glass in the stairwell and shout for help, let the rescuers know your exact location in order to rescue.

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