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Several methods of using water to extinguish electrified equipment and line fire

- Jun 07, 2017 -

I. Installing grounding wire on the nozzle of metal water gun

The grounding line can be 5-10m with a cross-section of 1m longer than the copper stranded wire. Grounding rods can be more than 1m, diameter 50 Shan steel pipe or 50 X 50 angle steel, extinguishing personnel wear insulating gloves and insulation boots. Before the fire extinguishing, the water gunman should firmly connect one end of the grounding line to the nozzle of the metal gun, the other end is connected with the grounding rod and the grounding rod is nailed into the underground O. 5 meters or so, and in the grounding bar to pour brine or ordinary water. If the grounding line is connected with other grounding devices, then the contact is good, the position of the hand when holding the water gun must be placed behind the grounding line, select the distance from the charged body, and then the fire will be fired.

II. Wear insulating gloves, insulating boots

When wearing insulated gloves and insulating boots to extinguish the electric fire, to choose the most experienced water shooters, as far as possible to expand the distance between the nozzle to the charged body, to take effective measures to prevent water droplets into the gloves and boots, standing on the insulation board, facing the source of fire, to bursts the method, so that the drip of the fire. In general, it is best not to use a full water column directly into the fire to prevent the risk of electric shock

Third, wear all the crush

At present, there are two types of crush: one is cotton or animal fiber and copper wire twisted warp and weft woven fabric, the other is made of cotton cloth by electroless copper or silver-plated. Both of these are in cotton or cotton, which contain a large metal conductor. The materials made of this material include: hats, gloves, clothes, socks, uppers, and soles are made of conductive rubber. In the wear is all crush, must put clothes, gloves, socks and rubber shoes between the buckle buckle, so that the copper wire between each other together, forming a good grounding line, and then according to the size of the voltage to choose a good shot water distance, using a metal water gun fire to save.

IV. Use of spray water

The use of spray water gun or in the muzzle of the direct current water gun installed a two-stage centrifugal spray head, that is a two-stage centrifugal spray gun. This kind of water gun shoots out the flow, the atomization degree is good, is almost non-conductive. The experiment proves that when the nozzle of the water gun is 5 meters away from 127,000 volts, and the electric fire extinguishing is carried out at 7 kilograms pressure per square centimeter, there is no leakage current, and its range can reach 8-9 meters.

Using this spray gun to carry out the fire, the water gun can not be grounded line, directly charged fire. However, according to the voltage size and the safe distance of the charged body, fire engine pump pressure should be maintained 0. 5-0. 7Mpa, and in the water gun spray out of the normal mist, before the fire can be fired into the charged body.

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