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Bulgaria FM200 Gas Fire Extinguisher

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Bulgaria FM200 Gas Fire Extinguisher

Bulgaria FM200 Gas Fire Extinguisher is our TOP products.We are most Professional Fire Extinguisher Manafuturer,located in Guangzhou,China.


We can supply different kinds of Automatic Fire Extinguisher below:


FM200 Heptafluoropropane(HFC-227ea) Fire Extinguisher: FM200 Automatical Cabinet Fire Extinguisher System;


If you have questions or requirements,donnot hesitate to let us know,we will supply best service to you in the first time,Including best design for you to save your cost and make it most effective.

Contact Person: Jacky Yu/General Manager


Skype: garyyu77



1.Bulgaria FM200 Gas Fire Extinguisher Vaporized completely in the atmosphere without residue and pollution.


2.Colorless,Odorless,non-conductive,insulation,lowest toxicity


3.Application:Computer room,Switching Room,Precision Instrument Room,Hospital,TV Station,Institution,Laboratory,Library,Data Room,Power Factory,Archives etc.

Cabinet Fire Extinguisher 22.jpg

Cabinet Fire Extinguisher 22.jpg

If you are looking for bulgaria fm200 gas fire extinguisher, welcome to contact our factory. As one of the leading extinguisher manufacturers and suppliers in China, we'll offer you the best quality products made in China with CCC,CE and ISO Certificates. Welcome to enjoy our competitive price and excellent service.

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