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Car Foam Fire Extinguisher

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Foam extinguisher: refers to foam extinguisher, which can be divided into chemical foam extinguisher and air foam fire extinguisher. The application range of foam fire extinguishers is class B and type A fire; Live fire and C or D fires are not applicable. Anti-melt foam extinguisher can save water soluble flammable, flammable liquid fire. Such a fire extinguisher is a mixture of acid solution and alkaline solution in the tube to produce a chemical reaction. The resulting foam is pressed out of the nozzle and sprayed out to extinguish the fire. It can save fuel oil and other combustible liquid fire except for the general solid material fire, but cannot save the fire of the organic solvent such as the electric equipment and alcohol, ketone, ester and ether. The main principle is that foam fire extinguishers can squirt large amounts of carbon dioxide and foam during the fire extinguishing, which can be attached to combustible materials to insulate the fuel from the air and achieve the purpose of fire fighting.

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