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Fire Extinguisher Coopeation

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Dear my best friend

How are you?

I am Mr.Jacky,It is my pleasure to know you here.

We are FM200 HFC 227ea Automatic Fire Extinguisher factory for more than 10 years in guangzhou,China.

We have 40KG,70KG,100KG,120KG,150kg cabinet and Pipielinepipe,also:we have hanging fire extinguisher ball and Aerosol.

Appilication Area:data center,communication center,computer room, all kinds of control centers,archives,library,power plants,high and low voltage distribution room,bank,subway, airport and other important places of fire protection.

If you have gas fire project, we are very eager to cooperate with your company.

Production time:within 3 days.


If you have questions or requirements,donnot hesitate to let me know,i will arrange everything for you.


Also:we can go and visit you in your country,we can work together and do this busienss for a long time,we can invest advertisement in your country.

Thank you very much for your best cooperation and support.


I wait for your confirm soon.


Have a nice rest day!


Warm Regards


Jacky Yu/General Manager




Skype: garyyu77




Web Site: http://dyxf119.en.alibaba.com http://fm200-extinguishing.com/

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