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Gas Fire Extinguisher Is Best Choise Right Now

- Oct 09, 2017 -

With the rapid development of national economic construction, especially the rapid development of technology, more and more high to the requirement of gas fire extinguishing system, the flammable gas and combustible liquid, electrical fires and cloud rooms, the control center, important cultural relic archives, communications, radio room, microwave equipment room, precise instrument room should not be put out the fire with water, such as fire, gas fire extinguishing system as the most effective and clean fire extinguishing method, will be more and more attention, more and more widely applied. As the gas fire extinguishing system design specification and construction acceptance specifications matures, gas fire extinguishing system product 3 c certification, gas fire extinguishing system will occupies an important position in all kinds of fire extinguishing system.

Trifluoropropane is a new, efficient and non-toxic extinguishing agent, which can be used in the protected areas where there is a lot of work. It contains no solid dust, oil stain, liquid storage gaseous release, and can be discharged spontaneously or discharged by ventilation system rapidly. There is no residue on site. And has a good fire extinguishing efficiency, fire extinguishing speed, good effect, low fire extinguishing concentration (8-10%) and the characteristics of halon 1301 extremely similar, the system hardware and software are very similar, so the seven fluorin propane easily replace the halon. Not only that, the injection time of HFC is less than 10 seconds, so it greatly reduces the damage of the equipment during the fire and reduces losses for the owners. The operation is simple and reliable: there are three kinds of automatic, manual and mechanical starting modes, which ensure that the fire can be put out under any circumstances.


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